Fanuble posted on their own fan base
In the last few days we've made a bunch of new improvements. You'll notice that aesthetically there are several improvements all over the place including to the fan base rules. Some other additions are:

1. Since some posts can look really long, we put a 'Go down to comments' button on the comments page so that way you can get to those comments faster

2. We realized that autocomplete looked a bit ugly in some places so we've removed it from in select places where it didn't fit.

3. If you haven't noticed you can now see the number of posts per tag on a fan base! This way you can see the most popular tags on each fan base.

4. We've made featured posts into red posts!

5. Tooltips disappear after you click on upvote or favorite.

We look forward to growing and improving ourselves so if anybody has any new ideas or suggestions, feel free to comment.