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We realized that it's really annoying having to login every so often on our site. By default the sessions expire when you browsing session ended, so when you close your browser or restart your device. We changed it so you should stay logged in even after those things happen.

If you guys have any suggestions feel free to shoot them our way.
Happy Thursday!
Hey everyone! Happy Friday

As you may have noticed, we added email notifications. This way you can know when something interesting happened on Fanuble. Right now there are 3 types of notifications:

1. For replies to your comments or comments on your posts
2. When a fan posts to someone that you're a fan of
3. When a your fan posts to your fanbase (For those with activated fanbases)

Currently, we have a measure in place to not spam you if you've been active on the site. Also, due to a lot of concern from users, we just added email settings on the settings page to turn off the different types of email notifications. :^)

We may also add desktop notifications that popup on the side of the browser. (Which will also have an opt-out setting of course). We want you to get the most out of the site.

If you have any suggestions for how to improve the email notifications or anything else, feel free to comment below
In the last few days we've made a bunch of new improvements. You'll notice that aesthetically there are several improvements all over the place including to the fan base rules. Some other additions are:

1. Since some posts can look really long, we put a 'Go down to comments' button on the comments page so that way you can get to those comments faster

2. We realized that autocomplete looked a bit ugly in some places so we've removed it from in select places where it didn't fit.

3. If you haven't noticed you can now see the number of posts per tag on a fan base! This way you can see the most popular tags on each fan base.

4. We've made featured posts into red posts!

5. Tooltips disappear after you click on upvote or favorite.

We look forward to growing and improving ourselves so if anybody has any new ideas or suggestions, feel free to comment.
Here at Fanuble, we work constantly to improve every fan's experience on the site. We want to make sure that you guys know all the newest updates and get shout-outs for giving great suggestions or inspiring new ideas. In the past few days, here's what we've done:

1. We've added a Discord Icon to our social media links for all those peeps with discord community channels

2. We've added a loading animation when you save your banner photo so there's less head-scratching when you click that save button

3. You can now search for all users without a fan base

4. Shoutout to @Goku; we noticed that the see more button was a bit buggy so we've temporarily removed it. No more annoying bouncing arrow

In other news, we're currently working out some bugs on Safari, but Fanuble should look great on Chrome and Firefox. If you have any other suggestions or ideas or you think you found a bug, let us know with a post or through our email Thanks!
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