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Hey Guys! Planning to do a late night Dota stream tomorrow night! If you want to learn the basics of the game come join or even queue up with me! With the new patch 7.00, Dota is much more easier to learn and much more diverse which I think you guys will enjoy watching / playing.
Ideas on making a page strictly for just people who want to ask questions?
ioFlo posted on their own fan base
Going to have a twitter up but want to know how many fans actually use twitter. Like if you want?
ioFlo posted on their own fan base
About to create a Dva guide for new players! Going to add when you should pick her, who she's good against, and what maps I find her best on. If there's anything you think would be good to add on the guide lmk
An easy schedule for you guys~
Monday : 4-8
Tuesday 4-8
Wednesday : 4-8
Thursday : 4-8

The rest of the days will be on and off but Saturdays I'll never stream in the morning. Night streams will happen often though.
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