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It was perfectly undisturbed. Not a footprint nor animal had touched the blankness. As far as she could see, the whiteness hid all ugliness, all the harsh imperfections and angles and color
of the world. The apple blossom tree looked as though it had been sprinkled generously with powdered sugar, as did the ground and everything within her view. She reached down, grabbing a fistful of snow, heavy, compact, ready to be packed. As she ventured deeper into this world, snow fell still. It touched her lips like the lightest kiss, it found its way into her hair, crusting it until there was ice in her hair.
When are we going to see new works from you? :^)
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Streaming Some For Honor! Dank it up and learn some new strats
Your fan base has been activated! Have fun :^)
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Progress :D
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We have added social connections for Facebook and Twitch, so you can link your accounts for one-click login. Signing up much easier now too :)

On top of that we’re thinking up some cool integrations we can have with Facebook and Twitch, so look forward to that. Things such as giving exclusive perks for followers/subscribers on Twitch and auto-posting from Facebook/Twitch.

If you have any ideas for what you would want to see, leave a comment below.

P.S. you might also notice that tags are a lot prettier
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She wanted to believe in something, someone, anything. They told her look to family, to those you loved. Religion, yourself. Then, she saw what belief got people. So she stopped. No one would make a fool of her. Not now. Not ever.
Hey everyone! It's been awhile sense we've made a new update but we have tons of new things coming up in the next few weeks.

You may have noticed that we made design changes to the profile page and fanbase pages. We want to make it clearer what the difference between the two.

We also launched an alpha version of our achievements system! Essentially you can earn achievements now for earning points on a fanbase or being the fan of the week on a fanbase. Anyone who meets the criteria for getting the achievement badges can see them on their profile page. We're planning to enhance achievements to make them feel more significant.

We're trying to come up with more ways to make our site more fun, so suggestions/ideas for achievements would be awesome.

Expect to see posts more frequently from us!
Edit: Also we'll make a better format to show updates to the site
Life right now . . .
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Bubs, consider playing some blood moon mode. It's actually really fun and games are like 13 mins long. You play as only assassins and the goal is to score 350 points before the other team.

5 points for killing a champ
3 for killing these kallista ghost things that wander around the jungles
25 for killing the rift heralds (there are 2)

Fast paced and fun. :^) Plus, there's a lot of sneaking around
Streaming For Honor if anyone wants to see!
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She knew better than anyone where her true loyalty lay. And she knew that she would choose duty over passion, no matter what personal cost would take its toll.
The lord of light has shown their light upon us and has granted us this blessing.
To celebrate classes being cancelled, I'm going to release something new tomorrow ;)
p.s. It's very different from my last one. I hope you guys like it all the same.
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Dying is an process that our finite minds do not want to grasp. You were given the chance to live, an spark in the endless void that will fade as surely as it lit up, but it did ignite, that was the most important part. For the moment being, you are able to experience life, suffering, joy, the world, due to being given the single most precious, irreplaceable gift, time. Time on earth in finite for all, but we do get to decide how to use what is left.

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"not throwing away my shot" - Lin Manuel Miranda.

Every journey starts somewhere.
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"The people you love will change you. There is no denying that. They can help build you to a higher level. Ascend to achievements that you thought were even tangible. Or they can destroy you, abandon you to less than nothing. It will be up for you to decide how to respond." -H.K.