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Proud to announce that I am now Event Manager for Sloth E-Sports Club. I will help players find tournaments to show themselves off and help them grow their own branding. Everyone I know on the team has worked hard to get to this point and I couldn't call anywhere else home. Sloth E-Sports Club fighting.
stream will be returning saturday around 7pm cst (maybe earlier)
So, I've been playing some multiplayer games (4v4, 3v3, 2v2) on SC2. I stopped playing this game in WOL late 2012, so I have no idea what half the units are. Do you have any builds you can recommend? I played Random so I'll wind up playing them all.

The problem is I have no idea when the timing pushes are and 4v4 being a clown fiesta I want some nice early game builds. I usually wind up just doing a WOL build with some new units mixed in that I have no idea what they do. Plus, the start with extra workers really throws me off. The game is so fast. A 14 minute game feels like a 23 minutes game

Let me get a higher score than bobby :^)
Vampy, when's your next stream? The first stream of 2k17
Stream Schedule will vary but here is an idea:
Monday: 8pm CST- 12am CST
Tuesday: 8pm CST - 12am CST
Wednesday: 8pm CST - 12am CST
Thursday: 8pm CST - 12am CST
Friday: 8pm CST - 12am CST
Saturday: 8pm CST - 2am CST
Sunday: 8pm CST - 2am CST
When I stream I have certain genres that I listen too. If you all could do me a favor and let me know what genre you would like me to play more of. Check the comments below the genres and upvote what one you want.
Love me
Sloth Esports is life
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