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Proud to announce that I am now Event Manager for Sloth E-Sports Club. I will help players find tournaments to show themselves off and help them grow their own branding. Everyone I know on the team has worked hard to get to this point and I couldn't call anywhere else home. Sloth E-Sports Club fighting.
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stream will be returning saturday around 7pm cst (maybe earlier)
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When I stream I have certain genres that I listen too. If you all could do me a favor and let me know what genre you would like me to play more of. Check the comments below the genres and upvote what one you want.
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Stream Schedule will vary but here is an idea:
Monday: 8pm CST- 12am CST
Tuesday: 8pm CST - 12am CST
Wednesday: 8pm CST - 12am CST
Thursday: 8pm CST - 12am CST
Friday: 8pm CST - 12am CST
Saturday: 8pm CST - 2am CST
Sunday: 8pm CST - 2am CST
Studying at UW-Stout for Computer Science & Applied Mathematics with a concentration in CyberSecurity and Information Insurance. I do a lot in the Starcraft 2 scene from admining tournaments to casting some events. I play a couple other games like LoL, CS:GO, and Overwatch which you will see me stream from time to time.