Streaming Some For Honor! Dank it up and learn some new strats
Bubs, consider playing some blood moon mode. It's actually really fun and games are like 13 mins long. You play as only assassins and the goal is to score 350 points before the other team.

5 points for killing a champ
3 for killing these kallista ghost things that wander around the jungles
25 for killing the rift heralds (there are 2)

Fast paced and fun. :^) Plus, there's a lot of sneaking around
updated schedule because of school starting!
For the next couple of days I'm going to be playing Resident Evil 7 at night on my stream. RIP Headphone users I am going to be scared to shit... I"ll be playing with a pal, Noodles just to add some insight and humor to the game. And yes, I know I scream like a lil bitch.
Can we vote for what heroes you play on the Dota stream tonight? :^)

We'll start with the sexiest character in Dota

Edit: FAQ. I'll get the image back up... but it was meemee meepo
Edit: Meepo Meepo Meep ~~~!
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Hey Guys! Planning to do a late night Dota stream tomorrow night! If you want to learn the basics of the game come join or even queue up with me! With the new patch 7.00, Dota is much more easier to learn and much more diverse which I think you guys will enjoy watching / playing.
I was watching your Dota stream, but I have a ton of questions. What are the positions and what are they supposed to do? I saw you playing offlane, which is like top lane right? Players seem to move around the map a lot more. It's weird because I kind of get what I see because of League, but I'm missing the context

Do you think you can do an educational stream or something? Or a quick general guide for league players?
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